Ela Yasa

Ela Yasa is currently a freshman at Foothill Technology High School. She is in the news section of the Foothill Dragon Press and is one of the first two freshmen to be in the Foothill Dragon Press.

Dragon Talks: A one-of-a-kind “passion project” for seniors – The Foothill Dragon Press

Seniors spoke on how fitness can help your life, why Generation Y is so unhappy, and bananas in the second annual Dragon Talk presentations earlier today. Different than a regular assigned project, the Dragon Talk project asks seniors to impart their passion and wisdom on underclassmen before they graduate. The project was integrated into Foothill last year, and it is modeled after TED Talks. All seniors participate in this project by preparing a 10 to 12 minute speech on a topic of their choos

VC Star awards stress the importance of student journalism – The Foothill Dragon Press

High school journalists from 20 different high schools across Ventura County watched as fellow staffers received awards at the Ventura County Star High School Journalism Awards on Thursday. The Ventura County Star High School Journalism Awards was organized by the Ventura County Star and held at their office. The awards had a total of 17 categories including several writing sections, social media, graphics, photography, video, art, website design, overall excellence, and more. “We hope to hono

Bioscience job shadowing enriches students’ medical knowledge – The Foothill Dragon Press

Many people think about their dream job, but few have the opportunity to actually try it out before going to college and choosing their major. The Bioscience Academy provides students with the opportunity to participate in two job shadows, each for a two week period, while following a professional of the career at location of their choice. “The job shadowing program allows our Bioscience students to see in the real world, all the things that they are learning in MedTech while also giving them e

Tri-County National College Fair to be held Thursday – The Foothill Dragon Press

With over 2,000 four-year colleges in the United States, making trips to all of the colleges students are considering can be a long and expensive task. Now, students can visit 120 colleges right here in Ventura. The Ventura Tri-County National College Fair will be held this Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 pm at the Ventura County Fairgrounds at West Harbor Boulevard. One hundred and twenty colleges will be represented there.  The fair is free to students and parents. Cecilia Johnston, a col

Holocaust survivor Bernd Simon enlightens sophomores – The Foothill Dragon Press

Holocaust surviver and “Nazi Hunter” Bernd Simon, now 94-years-old, made his 12th annual trip to Foothill this past Tuesday to share his story, spread awareness, and communicate his message to the Sophomore class. The presentation was conducted at FIRE and lunch for the sophomores to hear about Simon’s experience of being in a concentration camp, escaping Nazi Germany, and joining the U.S. army. Honors World History teacher Cherie Eulau first discovered Simon when she saw a flyer for the progr

A place to fit in, learn, and have fun – The Foothill Dragon Press

When most people hear the word “robotics,” they probably think of a small group of students huddled together making a robot. What many people don’t know is that robotics is a class that consists of over 60 students from freshmen to seniors all over the district learning from chosen topics and teams varying from programming, logistics, fundraising, safety, design, solid works, mechanics, and electrics. “Kids nowadays need something- not everyone is an athlete, not everyone knows what exactly the

The pressure of maintaining your social media presence – The Foothill Dragon Press

Social media has become a great way for us to keep up with and connect with people. Once made to find people from the university you attended or share a picture with your relatives, social media is now an hourly update of what people are doing everyday. While social media is great for connecting with people, some say it has become a place where teens can alter reality, and put forth their “best self” instead of who they really are. Math and physical education teacher Bill Huffman has strong op

Cheers for Children provides a holiday meal for 375 families – The Foothill Dragon Press

Many volunteers gathered in the cafeteria of Balboa Middle School on December 20 in order the help with the 61st annual Cheers for Children drive. Superintendent of Ventura Unified School District and Chairperson of the Cheers for Children drive for 26 years, Dr. Trudy Arriaga, said, “Cheers for Children is an annual drive, and it is a drive to provide Ventura Unified School District who happen to be in need this year with a large box of food.” Cheers for Children will be providing food for th